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The kayak originated in Greenland, where it is called a 'qajaq'. It is a paddling boat which is predominantly used as a one-man kayak, but may also offer space to more passengers and be used, for example, as two-man kayak. The paddler uses a double paddle to steer and power the kayak. The kayak is also considered a special form of a canoe.

There are different types of kayaks. The sea kayak is long and is for that reason easily handled, even during choppy weather. The water resistance produced by the boat is kept to a minimum by its streamlined design, which makes the sea kajak perfectly suited to paddling tours. A touring kayak may be as long as five meters long and have vast storage space. This is important for long tours with luggage and food. Such kayaks are mostly used during river and sea tours. The whitewater kayak has a very small design. This makes it an agile vessel which is particularly popular for whitewater tours.

In order to operate a kayak some equipment is needed. Firstly, lifejackets must always be worn. Additionally, water sports shoes are also recommended, so as to protect feet against injury and prolonged exposure to water. Water sports shoes pose no danger, as unlike regular shoes, they are designed so as to allow the wearer to swim without difficulty. With spraydeck it is also possible to prevent spray water from getting into the kayak.

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