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SPORT-HOBBY Ziegelowski GmbH & Co. KG
Stadtallendorf - Deutschland
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New model 2019: reinforcement of the floor, bow and stern for subsequent installation of a chair, anchor roller or swimming ladder

Product description:

VERUS 400 is a very universal rowing boat with medium weight. It can be both rowed or driven with a motor.
The VERUS 400 model is a model between VERUS 360 and VERUS 430. It combines the advantages of both models. It has a slightly oval base and therefore lies well and very stable on the water.
The average weight of the boat allows the use of a small electric outboard motor.
VERUS 400 is a very stable rowing boat/fishing boat with space for 4 people and is ideal for trips with children. Thanks to its flat bottom, even spirited children can not get the boat out of peace, you can even stand safely. The possibility to stand in the boat is also appreciated by anglers. Suitable for trips in coastal waters, large bays, estuaries, lakes and rivers, designed for journeys in which weather conditions with a wind speed up to and including 6 Beaufort and wave heights up to and including 2 m.


Rowing boat with flat bottom, very stable on calm waters, allows for a secure stand. VERUS 400 has 4 seats.
The double shell construction makes the boat unsinkable. The textured bottom of the boat provides a secure grip when rowing and provides more stability.
GRP boats are made by hand in the traditional way. For this purpose, several layers of fabric mats made of glass fibers are laid in a mold, soaked in resin and compacted together under vacuum. After hardening of the resin, the layers are inseparably connected. Upper and subnave can now be joined together. GRP rowing boats are very stable, easy to clean (no special care required) and completely weather resistant.


• double sheathed

• Reinforced engine suspension

• All-round rubber protective edge

• Stainless steel rail

• Stainless steel cleats

• Removable centre seat

• two high-quality dollen

• bilge plug

• two lockable storage compartments

• three fittings for mooring the boat (1x front and 2x rear)

Accessories for an extra charge:
- Wooden rudder: 85.00 €
- Cover incl. bracket: 299,00 €
- Stainless steel swimming ladder: 199,00 €
- Steering position incl. control system (Teleflex) and steering wheel: 500,00 €
- padding boat: 290,00 €
- Bimini/Sun canopy: 739.00 €
- Sisal piping: 280,00 €
- Padded backrest: 190,00 €
- Boat trailer 890,00 €

Delivery Germany 169.00 €
Delivery Austria 259.00 €

Technische Details:

Länge: 4,70 m
Breite: 1,90 m
Gewicht: 350 Kg
max. Personenzahl: 5
Mögliche max. Motorisierung: 68 PS
CE-Kategorie: C

Dieses Modell wird mit Langschaftmotoren betrieben.

CE-Konformitätserklärung und Eignerhandbuch werden ausgehändigt.


Ein sicheres und sehr stabiles Freizeit-/ Wasserskiboot aus Glasfaserkunststoff (GFK), pflegeleicht und wetterbeständig. Das Boot überzeugt durch exzellente Fahreigenschaften. Da kommt selbst bei kleiner Motorisierung richtig Spaß auf. Das Boot wurde zum Fahren an der Küste, schönen Buchten, Talsperren, Seen und Flüssen mit Windverhältnissen der Stärke 6 und einer Wellenhöhe von bis zu 2 Metern ausgelegt.

Im Preis enthaltene Ausstattung:

• verstärkte Motoraufhängung

• gepolsterte Rückenlehne

• Polster mit Liegefunktion aus Kunstleder

• umlaufende Gummischutzkante

• Reling und Handläufe aus Edelstahl

• Windschutzscheibe aus Plexiglas

• Edelstahlklampen

• Badeleiter aus Edelstahl

• Steuerstand inkl. Steueranlage

• drei Edelstahl-Beschläge zum Festmachen des Bootes (1x vorne und 2x hinten)

• verschließbare Staufächer

• verschließbarer Ankerkasten mit Wasserablauf

Farben zur Auswahl:

• außen: dunkelblaue Streifen / innen: weiß

• außen: dunkelrote Streifen / innen: weiß

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Seller: commercial
Company: SPORT-HOBBY Ziegelowski GmbH & Co. KG
I accept the Privacy Policy and T&C.
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Seller: commercial
Company: SPORT-HOBBY Ziegelowski GmbH & Co. KG
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