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A dinghy is a type of small boat, powered predominantly via an outboard motor. On the other hand, belt drives are commons means of propulsion for dinghies and other inflatable boats. 

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The dinghy originates from Bengal in Eastern India. Constructed in its earliest form as a simple boat made from planks, it appealed to many water wayfarers because of its simple building process and sturdy structure. Dinghies are without both keels and frames, therefore they are still prone to capsizing. In the nineteenth century, dinghies started to be constructed with kinked frames. The term kinked refers to the fact that the frames are not totally round but have at least one kink jutting from the structure.

Dinghies are historically known for being one person boats, responsible for both direction and steering. Nowadays, advances in technology mean that the boats are larger and still have the required stability, leading the dinghies to have similarities to pontoon boats. Dinghies are regularly used to transport passengers across water, from anchorage to land. When considering the question as to what dinghy will suit you best, you should pay attention to the regions and bodies of water you will be sailing in. Those who plan to sail predominantly in inland waters will likely find that a dinghy constructed from PVC will be sufficient for their needs. If, however, you are looking to go further afield around the world or on long voyages, it is highly recommended to purchase a dinghy made of sturdier material.

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