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A canoe is a type of boat that has been around for several centuries. Previously used to fill primal needs such as fishing and hunting, nowadays canoes are used for transportation, sport and recreation. In the thousands of years that canoes have graced the earth, advances in technology have improved canoe performance as well as affordability.

Many people have experience the thrill of canoeing, whether as a youngster at camp or having been allured by the great outdoors. It is very easy to get into water sports, especially canoeing, in the Western world due to the prevalence of water and such facilities. Buying a canoe could be as easy as walking into a water sports store and purchasing the first canoe you can find, however they can be pricey products, especially as a beginner. For this reason, Boats24.com has a list of new and used canoes for sale at fantastic prices.

When choosing a canoe, bear in mind your ability and physique. You don't want to purchase an Olympic-standard canoe if you are a beginner, and secondly you need to purchase a canoe that isn't too big/too small for you! Also to be researched is the canoe paddle or oar, used to propel the small boat because they don't have sails or a boat engine! Please don't forget that a life jacket can be a worthwhile purchase, as well as many other similar safety features!

Whether to race, brave rapids, enjoy the nature or spend time with friends, a canoe is a worthwhile recreational investment and sure to give you a lot of enjoyment! Feel free to browse all the beautiful new and used canoes on Boats24.com!