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Zodiac Inflatable Boats

The Zodiac company was founded in 1896 by Maurice Mallet as one of the first aviation companies in the world. They produced airships and from 1916 also airplanes. Zodiac also made a name for itself in ship building. Zodiac rigid-inflatable boats were soon on everyone’s lips. In 1930 the company developed the concept of an inflatable rubber boat. After the Second World War, Zodiac established themselves in this branch and sold a large amount of inflatable boats. The company headquarters is located in the French department of Yvelines. At Boot24.com you can buy a new or used Zodiac boat.

The Product Range

The product range offers a suitable Zodiac boat for every need. The product range includes Zodiac boats from the ranges: Comfort Cruising, Sport Cruising, Easy Cruising, yachting, dinghies and life rafts. Additionally a limited amount of special editions are regularly published.

The Medline or N-Yo models allow nimbler manoeuvres on the sea. The ideal sport boats for divers and anglers are embodied by the Pro Touring, Pro Classic or Sea Hawk models. Distinctly light and versatile manifests itself in the collapsible inflatable boats of the Futura or Zoom SP. The company’s dinghies offers yacht owners the highest possible safety.

Special Features

An inflatable Zoadic boat possesses an extraordinarily high load capacity. This lies in the special construction of the Zodiac inflatable boat, made possible due to the buoyancy which is stronger than other boats. A Zodiac Boat lies stably on the water. This stability is gained through the Zodiac inflatable boat having large supporting tubes, which generate a comparatively deeper centre of gravity. A Zodiac boat requires only a small outboard motorboat for full performance. As a result the boats are economical in consumption and therefore cheaper to use than many competitor’s products. Those of you who would like to buy an inflatable boat, which can be used for light transportation and storage should look no further than Zodiac boats, which are up to three times lighter than comparable models. Therefore they are very easy to handle and also can be left in the water if necessary. 


             Inflatable boats with GFK hull
            Zodiac Medline
            Zodiac Por Open
            Zodiac Pro
            Zodiac Zoom SR
            Zodiac ProJet 
            Zodiac Yachtline Deluxe
            Zodiac Yachtline Rib


Inflatable boats
            Zodiac Futura
            Zodiac Classic
            Zodiac Zoom

            Zodiac Cadet Fastroller
            Zodiac Cadet