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Yamaha – Outboards, Motor Boats, Inflatable Dinghies, Jet Skis, Pleasure Boats and Day Cruisers

The Yamaha Motor Corporation was founded as a subsidiary company of the Yamaha Corporation in 1995. The corporation began with the manufacturing of motorcycles. Since 1963 Yamaha have produced outboard motorboats in Germany. In 1969 the new synchronized motors were introduced. Since the 1990s the company has had success with their boat engines, and their outboard motorboats have chalked up a range of World and European championship titles. Yamaha outboard motorboats were not only manufactured as a four-stroke engine. The headquarters are located in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu. The company employs 25,500 employees and generates a yearly turnover of about 459 billion JPY. The Yamaha Motor Corporation is part of the Yamaha conglomerate in Iwata.
The Product Range
Yamaha outboards stand as a synonym for user-friendliness, longevity and reliability. With their newest series, Yamaha has done the near impossible. A four-stroke engine was developed, which in its weight and size is not inferior to its two-stroke predecessors. What is special about a Yamaha outboard is that no ‘everyday technology’ is assumed, but rather a Yamaha boat engine is developed for each specific purpose. Therefore it is not surprising that Yamaha outboard motorboats hold the world record for economical fuel consumption. Yamaha produces not only four-cycle engines but also electric motors.
Besides the outboards, the company also produces motor boats, sport boats, jet-ski and day cruisers. In the product catalogue, you’ll find not only them and other Yamaha boats, but also the so named Yamaha Waverunner. That is to say it is a jet ski. The concept is however protected by the Kawasaki Company and may only be used by Kawasaki. Therefore the jet boats are offered under the term Yamaha Waverunner. The Yamaha Boats are sold in three classes, as sport models, compact models or high-performance models. The Super Jet models are committed to competition.
Yamaha Boats provide the Yamaha Marine labeled inflatable boats. Three classes of used boats are available, whereby the classification of the length of these boats is always recognizable. The model class includes Dinghy Tender 220T – 240T or the Pleasure Crafts 275S, 240S and 380S. The Ribeye TL is especially convincing as the perfect dinghy thanks to its extraordinarily light structure. At the same time, they are equipped with a very robust hull, which also withstands the strong exertions of landing on a pebble beach.
Special Features

Yamaha has a wealth of experience in the realm of racing. The Yamaha outboard motorboats introduced the racing boats in a class of 850 cubic centimeters. With that said, between 1999 and 2009 Yamaha won six world championships and four European titles.