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Sunseeker Yachts and Sunseeker Boats - “The Finest Yachts The World Has Ever Seen”

Rarely can a brand claim to belong to the world’s best. Sunseeker yachts belong to that exclusive group.

One of the main reasons for Sunseeker’s incredible successes is the commitment of its employees with whom they achieve seemingly impossible standards. As a result, Sunseeker yachts are pioneers of the luxury boat industry. Founded in the 1960s by Robert Braithwaite in Poole, a small town in the south of England, the company was originally named Sunseeker Poole Powerboats. Their first model of boat was called Sunseeker, but renamed to the Daycap 23 model.

Sunseeker yachts became renowned not only for their innovation, but for the ongoing specialised customer service they provide. Over the course of the next 30 years, Sunseeker yachts continued to chase the goal of boating royalty, setting benchmarks in regards to the thrilling combination of power and luxury – a factor that can be seen on all of Sunseeker’s current models. Nowadays, as the leading manufacturer of luxury motor yachts, Sunseeker also advocate finding second-hand and used boats a new home.

Sunseeker Yachts and Sunseeker Boats – Product Range

The production process of Sunseeker yachts is highly respected for the efficiency, communication and competence present. Bordering components are made to measure, ensuring their perfect fit. In addition, detailed attention is paid to the quality of the materials used, manufactured by highly qualified craftsmen including carpenters, electricians, upholsterers or framers.

Sunseeker boats offer the uppermost quality and luxury and are perfect for making long journeys in comfort. Offering large spacious rooms, lavish interior furnishings and their own electricity supply to top it all off. Sunseeker Sport Cruisers are equally comfortable and enjoyable if looking for short journeys on the sea. Their high top speeds and quick acceleration make Sunseeker Sport Cruisers plenty of fun whether with friends or family!

With their derived hulls and pacey propulsion, Sunseeker performance yachts (especially the Sunseeker Predator range) are not for those with weak nerves! Through impetus, endurance, power and beauty, you are guaranteed to be the owner of one of the best boats in the immediate area! Sunseeker’s Flybridge Motorboats also deserve a mention, offering spacious interiors, fantastic manoeuvrability and the same strength as Flybridge Yachts, they are versatile and ideal for excursions with families and larger groups.

Sunseeker Yachts and Sunseeker Boats are Awesome!

Sunseeker has enormous global recognition and counts itself – for good reason – as on of the best brands in the world. This belief, strength, innovation and strenuous pursuit of perfection has brought Sunseeker to the forefront of the new and used boats market.

Sunseeker offers the following models as part of its product range:

Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker 28
Sunseeker 30
Sunseeker 34
Sunseeker 40
Sunseeker 80
Sunseeker 88
Sunseeker 155

Sunseeker Flybridge Motor Yachts

Sunseeker Manhattan 53
Sunseeker Manhattan 63
Sunseeker Manhattan 73

Sunseeker Performance Motor Yachts

Sunseeker Predator 130
Sunseeker Predator 115
Sunseeker Predator 92 Sport
Sunseeker Predator 84
Sunseeker Predator 80
Sunseeker Predator 74
Sunseeker Predator 64
Sunseeker Predator 60
Sunseeker Predator 54
Sunseeker Predator 53
Sunseeker Predator 48
Sunseeker Predator 40

Sunseeker Sport Cruisers

Sunseeker Portofino 48
Sunseeker Portofino 40

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