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Sigma Boat Trailers

In 1976 Rolf Schneitter founded the company US-Boot-Import in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company specialized in the manufacturing and marketing of Boat Trailers. These trailers are used to transport boats to and from the water, as well as to get them to specialized trucks that are used to haul boats long distances. A boat trailer differs from a launching trolley in that the latter are used only to lower the boat directly into the water. Sigma boat trailers are noticeably sturdy, meaning that they are an excellent choice if buying second hand. It is, in any case, to be recommended that a trial-run is arranged where possible, to ensure that the boat trailer and the boat to be transported are compatible.

Product Range

Available as part of the company’s product range are boat trailers made out of steel and aluminium. Sigma boat trailers are available in different styles. The differences between different styles of trailers are mostly to do with the axel types and with brakes. There are models with brakes available, however there are also trailers available that do not need brakes, depending rather on the braking power of the transporting vehicle. The question of which Sigma trailer a buyer should decide upon requires one last consideration – the size and weight of the boat that it is to be used to transport. The Simga Single Axle Trailer is designed especially for transporting sailboats of weights greater than 348 kilograms.


Sigma Boat Trailers feature independent suspension chasses and automatic reverse systems, as well as a rubber damped spring mount. The wheel bearings do not require maintenance or servicing. The trailers’ robust construction and high-quality workmanship mean that even second-hand Sigma boat trailers reliable and respected pieces of equipment in the boating world. In order to use a boat trailer, you will require a permit. Boat trailers, due to their manner of use, require an operating license. When loading the trailer, please be aware that the recommended weight limit is not exceeded. While loaded, boat trailers must not exceed a height of over four meters and a width of 2.55 meters. Whether you’re looking to buy a Sigma trailer new or used, you can rely upon a service team that spans all of Europe.