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Sealine Yachts and Sealine Boats For Sale - “Bold and Distinctive”

The Sealine yachts shipyard was founded in 1972 by Tom Murrant. The budding entrepreneur had lots of enthusiasm for both his work and the water. Murrant’s goal was to accomplish the ultimate craftsmanship and set a new standard for quality in the boating industry.

Many of the employees at Sealine yachts have been there since the company was founded and are regarded as masters in their trade. The skills and competencies of the Sealine employees ranges from metalwork and woodwork to designing the interior of Sealine boats. The company is one of the most famous luxury boat manufacturers in Europe.

Sealine Yachts and Sealine Boats For Sale – Product Range

Sealine yachts are produced in eleven different classes. From motorboats to luxury yachts, there is an extensive range of possibilities, highlighted by the sheer amount of new and used Sealine boats for sale on Boats24.com. If you are searching for style and luxury, the Sealine T-Series is the one for you. The generously-sized boat has an innovative design and a genuine wow-factor.

The F-Series Flybridge models are comfortable and spacious. Specially designed, the cabins of these Sealine boats have a cosy lounge area with lots of storage capabilities – the main requirements of a truly comfortable boat. In addition, the design and performance of the F-Series is impressive, similar to Sealine’s Coupé C- and S-Series.

Why should I buy a new or used Sealine? - Sealine Yachts and Sealine Boats For Sale

If you are want to buy a motorboat, Sealine may be well be the right choice for you. Experts in precision and technology, there is a wide range of products all abiding by the high Sealine standards. The incredible attention to detail and exclusive interior design makes Sealine yachts a real pleasure to sail, regardless whether it is a new or used boats.

Sealine yachts offers the following models as part of its product range:


Sealine T50
Sealine T60


Sealine F34
Sealine F37
Sealine F42/5


Sealine SC39
Sealine S42
Sealine SC47

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