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Princess Yachts brought the first of its simply luxurious 31-foot yachts onto the market in 1965 (presumably the origin of the Project 31 label). The Princess boats quickly leapt to the forefront of the luxury cruiser boat category thanks to its manufacturers and developers who build the yachts with a combination of quality workmanship and exceptional furnishings.

Princess Yachts For Sale – Product Range

When choosing from the wide selection of Princess Yachts, there are three basic lines to choose from. The Princess M Class, the Princess Flybridge, and the Princess V Class.

The V Class category consists of nine different sports yachts, all kitted out with the latest in technology and equipment. Similarly, there are also nine Flybridge yachts, which are all sleek yachts with outstanding facilities. Of these impressive Flybridge yachts, the Princess 42 has gained something of a cult status among boat enthusiasts.

One of the newest Princess products is the Princess 98 power yacht which, among other things, has an impressive swimming platform.

So, why should I buy one of these Princess Yachts for sale?

A Princess Yacht is the epitome of luxury and beauty. The perfect mixture of elegance and faultless workmanship makes travelling aboard a Princess boat a real experience. A Princess Yacht is fitted with breathtaking interior design, giving passengers the feel that they are on board a sailing oasis. The company takes great pride in the quality, strength and integrity of its design and through the unique art of boat construction. Through all of these quality characteristics, Princess has made a real name for itself on the world stage.

Every Princess Yacht is hand-built using strengthened synthetic material and Gelcoat. Only the highest quality materials are used in their production, encouraging high resistance against heat and solar radiation, and ensuring the boat maintains its splendiferous shine for years after creation. The emerald-like Princess Yachts are designed to react quickly and handle well at high speeds. They are perfectly suited for usage in harbours in which there is a lot of boat traffic. Thanks to these cracking characteristics, used Princess Yachts are widely sought after boats!

Nimbus currently offers the following models as part of its product range:

Princess Flybridge

Princess 42
Princess 45
Princess 50
Princess 54
Princess 56
Princess 58
Princess 60
Princess 62
Princess 64
Princess 67
Princess 72
Princess 78
Princess 85
Princess 98

Princess V Class

Princess V 39
Princess V 42
Princess V 45
Princess V 48
Princess V 52
Princess V 53
Princess V 57
Princess V 58
Princess V 62
Princess V 65
Princess V 70
Princess V 72
Princess V 78
Princess V 85-S

Princess M Class

Princess 21 M
Princess 23 M
Princess 32 M
Princess 40 M
Princess 85 MY
Princess 95 MY

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