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Nimbus Boats For Sale - “Made in Sweden: Feel the Difference”

In the late 1960s, the head of Volvo Penta, Harald Wiklund, tasked the famous boat designer, Pelle Petterson, with building a leisure boat. With the emergence of the luxury boat market, Wiklund wanted to create a new and exciting section for the company, as sales of Volvo motors were waning at the time.

So, Volvo began to produce their own brand of motorboat and motor yacht. Before long, the first Nimbus boats – the Nimbus 26 – arrived on the market. A huge hit, the successful Nimbus 26 was named as “Boat of the Year”. With this success, Wiklund founded his own shipyard. Together with the extensive knowledge regarding the construction of leisure boats, the innovation that Nimbus boats showed gave Wiklund the opportunity to seriously establish Nimbus boats in the boat market.

Today, the Nimbus Group has merged with many older shipyards such as Paragon, Ryds and Storebro. Although Nimbus produces its boats in the Swedish city of Mariestad, the company has its headquarters in Langedrag, not far away from the Royal Swedish Yacht Club.

Nimbus Boats For Sale– Product Range

With a large range of products, second-hand Nimbus boats for sale are very much in demand. One of Nimbus’ flagship products is the Nimbus 29 Nova, much admired for its teak wood fixtures and fittings and at 9.10 metres long, it features two beds and a magnificent bathing platform. Also worth a mention is the Nimbus 280 Carisma, which does indeed have charisma! With its 230 horsepower engine it reaches wicked speeds, all while having space for six people. Last, but by no means least, is the Nimbus Nova Coupé, renowned as one of the most elegant leisure boats available on the market. Those looking to buy used Nimbus boats can look to pay anywhere between €3,000 and €50,000.

Why should I buy one of the Nimbus boats for sale?

Nimbus boats have fast made a name for themselves as motorboats and motor yachts that are able to reach high speeds with absolute ease. Perfect workmanship, high quality products and attention to detail are all associated with Nimbus boats and can only be advantages for those looking to buy a boat. Nimbus boats bring together cutting-edge technology with timeless, award-winning design.

The fantastic workmanship that goes into these boats makes them an excellent investment – if you’re looking to buy a used boat, you can’t go wrong with a Nimbus!

Nimbus boats currently offers the following models as part of its product range:

Nimbus Commander
Nimbus Coupé
Nimbus Carisma
Nimbus Nova
Nimbus Nova S
Nimbus R

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