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Maxum Boats

Maxum boats were originally produced by Bayliner Boats. The company was founded in the 1950s by Orin Edson. At first, Edson sold his self-constructed race boats from a parking space in Seattle. However, by 1958 the firm had its own showroom where new models as well as second hand ones were put on display. In 1986 Bayliner became part of the Brunswick Corporation, the world’s largest boat manufacturer. The company’s headquarters can be found in Chicago. The company generates a yearly turnover of six billion Euros.

The Product Line

Maxum’s range of products comprise of power boats, power yachts and cabin boats. The Maxum Boat 184 SF is specially designed for fishermen. Up to three people cast their rods aboard this vessel. The Maxum 235 BR model, which is also the company’s flagship bowrider, poses the wonderful combination of a roomy cockpit, a comfy lounge and space for passengers. Yet more people – as many as twelve passengers – are able to board the Deckboat 217, which is 6.3 meters long. As far as Cruiser’s go the largest model is the 335 SB. These Maxum boats are kitted out with a twin engine which promises outstanding performance and you will be in awe at how much space there is in what looks like such a small boat. They offer enough space for twelve people, as well as their luggage.


A Maxum boat impresses with its extraordinary design and the sheer amount of space you will find inside. However, a Maxum’s handling is bound to satisfy too. The Smooth Ride System (SRS) makes for optimal acceleration and smooth handling. Whether you opt for a new model or a used one, you can be assured that you are purchasing something of proven and certified quality. The company is in fact so convinced by the quality of its products that it offers a lifelong guarantee on the ship’s hull as well as a five year guarantee on its deck. For the engines, a two year guarantee is also offered. For this alone, a second hand Maxum is a great investment.

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