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Today’s Hallberg-Rassy, the world famous Swedish shipyard, was originally two separate shipyards. First came the Hallberg shipyard founded in 1943 by Harry Hallberg, followed by the Christoph Rassy shipyard in 1962 – based on the grounds of the former Hallberg shipyard. The innovative Hallberg had already began testing glass-fibre reinforced plastic and by 1969 both shipyards were successfully running full-scale boat production lines using the material. In 1972, upon the retirement of Harry Hallberg, Rassy purchased the Hallberg shipyard. Since Hallberg was bigger and far more renowned than Rassy, the name Hallberg-Rassy was chosen.

Before this merger, the two shipyards were – controversially – competitors and had never worked in collaboration. However, in 1973, the first joint Hallberg-Rassy venture produced the Monsoon 31 and by 1983, 904 of the model had been created. Today, the gigantic 13,630 sq/metre shipyard can be found in Ellös on the Swedish island of Orust and creates beautiful yachts for customers on a worldwide scale.

Hallberg-Rassy For Sale – Product Range

Hallberg Rassy offers the highest-quality sailing yachts. Between 31 and 64 feet long, over 9100 yachts have set sail from the Swedish shipyard’s headquarters that can produce up to 48 yachts at one time. Highly-valued, each yacht is manufactured from small parts before being meticulously assembled by a talented group of boat builders. Because of their precise perfection Hallberg-Rassy boats, even a used Hallberg-Rassy for sale, is expensive.

With the Hallberg-Rassy 36 being one of their best-sellers, the strong and sturdy vessels have excellent safety features (including protected cockpits), good manoeuvrability and impressive range. Great care is taken at the Hallberg-Rassy shipyard to create such quality.

Why should I buy a Hallberg-Rassy for sale?

From Hallberg-Rassy’s early days in the industry, they have specialised in building comfortable and elegant sailing yachts for long journeys. Perfect for long sailing trips such as Atlantic voyages or world trips, the beautiful Hallberg-Rassy yachts are some of the most-loved sailing boats in the world, especially when it comes to wide-reaching journeys.

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