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Galeon Yachts – Diversity and Quality

Galeon, headquarted in Danzig, was founded in 1982 and specializes in building motorboats and luxury yachts of lengths up to 25 meters. The company is counted among Europe’s market leaders, with warehouses covering more than 26,000 square meters and more than 500 experienced workers who build every Galeon boat by hand. Famous designers such as Tony Castro make sure that every Galeon boat features outstanding design and comfort.
At Galeon there is a strong focus on design and detail, making every Galeon boat an eye-cather. Galeon also uses cutting-edge technology to produce its boats. All Galeon Yachts bring together safety and quality in both construction and fittings, meeting the company’s high demands, while also being spacious, functional and achieving great speeds and are known for their excellent value.

Product Range
Galeon builds Sports Boats, Motorboats and Motor Yachts. Motor Yachts produced by the company are marketed as ‘Galeon’ Motor Yachts, whereas Motorboats produced by Galeon are sold under the name Galia Motorboats. Sailing Yachts produced by company are known under the name of Fly (Flybridge) Yachts
The Galeon 325 HTS is a little longer than 10 meters and can be used with their covering either opened or closed. There are also a variety of tweaked forms of the Galeon 325, such as the Galeon 325 Open. Regardless of whether the top is up or down on the Yacht, the al fresco seating area and its upholstery remain covered and the outward views remain untouched. The Yacht has plenty of space both above and below deck, which features two cabins and a lounge, which previously would only have been found on very large Yachts. The Galeon 325 HTS also maintains its excellent maneuverability even at top speeds. Thanks to its special design and economy on weight, Motor Yachts made by Galeon have a greater cruising range than boats of similar sizes.
The Galeon 290 Fly is, at 9.42 meters long, the smallest boat in the line. It is a very nimble Motor Yacht, with a noticeably large amount of floor space above and below deck for a Yacht of this size. The interiors are furnished with mahogany and alcantara and the boat is equipped with a bar area, a full pantry and a lounge. The Galeon 290 Fly is, all-in-all, a compact, dynamic and comfortable Motor Yacht.
TheGaleon 330 Fly is a Superyacht and can require up to five crewmates. The yacht is 10.20 meters long and is equipped with a 600 Horsepower engine. As with other Galeon yachts, the Galeon 330 Fly has inner fittings made out of beautiful mahogany and alcantara.
The Galeon 390 Fly, at barely 12 meters long, is an elegant Yacht, which allows for excursions outside of protected shallow water areas. The Galeon 390 Fly is also intended for longer voyages.
The Galeon 380 Fly is the successor to the Galeon 390 Fly and belongs to the third generation of Galeon Yachts. With its grand windows, this Sports Yacht certainly catches eyes. The interiors are at once spacious and light.
The Galeon 640 Fly is an elegant and luxurious Motor Yacht with three decks. At 20 meters long, the boat contains a large Master Suite, Guests Suites lavish bathrooms and several lounges, each kitted out with beautiful materials such as leather, silk, marble and mahogany. All together, the Motor Yacht includes 5 cabins, 3 of which are equipped with en-suites, a lounge, a dining area, a fully fitted kitchen and numerous luxury comforts both on deck and on the fly.
The Galeon 700 Skydeck holds two World Yacht Trophies for Yachts up to 24 meters – one in the category ‘Best Design’ and a second in ‘Innovation’.
Used Galeon Boote are an excellent way to enter the world of boat ownership. With ist high-quality, good-value and modern Yacht lines, a Galeon Yacht or Motorboat is an excellent choice for all those who are looking to buy. Want to know more? There are a variety of Galeon Yachts and Boats for sale here at Boats24.com.