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Fairline Boats & Fairline Yachts - “Respect the Past, Embrace the Future”

The first Fairline boats were 19-foot long river cruisers and were introduced in the 1960s. Boats at that time were already being constructed with glass-fibre reinforced plastic, the basis of which can still be seen in the innovative way that Fairline boats are built. This innovation – and simplicity – has granted Fairline a leading position in the premium yacht market. Nowadays, approximately 300 cruisers are produced in Fairline’s British shipyards of Oundle and Corby every year.

Undoubtedly an outstanding year in Fairline’s history was 2007. Their 40th anniversary year coincided with several other successes. For one thing, the Fairline Targa 37 and Fairline Squadron 68 models were awarded the titles “Motorboat of the Year” in their respective categories at the IPC Marine Awards in Great Britain. In addition, the Phantom 48 model received the very impressive “most recommendable” prize. Top this even further, the Fairline Targa 38 won the “European Motorboat of the Year” award, the leading prize in the industry!

Fairline Boats – Product Range

A unique manufacturer, Fairline designs and builds an individual inner-lining for every boat model which gives both sturdiness and strength to the hull. The length, width and aesthetics of the hull are conceptually optimised to ensure best possible performance. The hull’s design is never shortened or changed for different models, but built especially.

Fairline offers three different product lines, the Fairline Phantom, the Fairline Squadron and the Fairline Targa.

The Phantom series, the long-distance cruisers, are ideal for adventures and journeys of discovery. Every model possesses its own individual Olesinski hull, combining seaworthiness and elegant comfort. The efficient usage of space makes the Fairline Phantom models perfect for extended stays at sea, and with the luxurious facilities on-board one is sure to have a comfortable outing.

The Fairline Squadron models are built to be the best yachts in their class. Well-equipped, sophisticated and perfectly shaped, it is often difficult to find a yacht with the same class and elegance as one in the Squadron series.

Last, but by no stretch least, is the Fairline Targa series. Luxurious high-speed yachts that plough effortlessly through heavy seas with their custom-built Olesinski V-hulls are simply a dream to sail on. The standard décor includes furniture made out of the finest wood, first-class kitchen interiors and atmospheric halogen lighting. If you looked up “luxury” in the dictionary, I would be very surprised if a picture of a Fairline Targa wasn’t there!

So, why should I buy one of the Fairline boats for sale?

Fairline goes above and beyond to build beautiful boats. Their yachts and boats give their owners a true satisfaction that is offered by seldom a yacht company nowadays. The brand Fairline is made specifically for those people who fancy some luxury in their lives, with used Fairline boats for sale also having a certain demeanour about themselves. Current models of the Fairline series available are:

Fairline Targa

Fairline Targa 38
Fairline Targa 40
Fairline Targa 44

Fairline Phantom

Fairline Phantom 40
Fairline Phantom 48
Fairline Phantom 50

Fairline Squadron

Fairline Squadron 55
Fairline Squadron 58
Fairline Squadron 68

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