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It was his love of sailing that tempted the French engineer Michael Dufour to found his own shipyard in the French city of La Rochelle in 1964. The first model that the shipyard produced was the Arpège, immediately earning Dufour yachts a loyal following after selling over 1,500 units.

Dufour’s recipe for success has remained a constant to this day. The use of cutting-edge technology and insistence upon using construction materials that live up to Dufour’s high quality demands.

Just one of the small number of French shipyards that produce sailing yachts, the real success of Dufour yachts began in the 1990s with their Prestige series. In 1995, Dufour built upon that prosperity and created the Dufour Classic line. The manufacturer’s greatest success story undoubtedly came from the Dufour 34, named European Sailboat of the Year.

Many of those who buy a sailing yacht purchase from Dufour’s tried-and-tested models.

Dufour Yachts - Product Range

Dufour specialises in, and only manufacturers sailing yachts. The Dufour 34 is Dufour’s most renowned classic boat, making a clean sweep at the Spi Ouest-France in 2008 and taking prizes in every single category. With the creation of the Dufour 34E P, Dufour yachts made even more headlines as the model was optimised with the boat’s cabin optimally redesigned with even more luxurious fixtures and fittings, as well as a spacious cockpit.

The company’s flagship product is undoubtedly the Dufour 525 Grand Large. At 15.32 metres in length, the Dufour 525 Grand Large offers luxury and space on an unprecedented level. Also not to go unnoticed is the Dufour 2800. Well-known for its spaciousness, at 8.25 metres long, the Dufour 2800 handles incredibly well while still having enough room to sleep five! Beautiful models such as these are available second-hand for as little as €14,000.

Dufour Yachts – There is a Dufour for sale. Why should I buy one?

If you failed to read the earlier paragraphs, Dufour entices its buyers with their high quality building materials and outstanding attention to detail. In addition, a Dufour for sale has modern and durable materials (such as Corian), excellent interior lighting, maintenance materials and – importantly – sanitary facilities are just some of many reasons why you should take advantage of the Dufour’s quality products.

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