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Beneteau’s yacht shipyard is probably one of the most well-known and long-standing of its type in the world. What is certain, however, is that tradition and innovation at Beneteau are not mutually exclusive. As long as 130 years ago, Benjamin Beneteau produced his first fishing cutter boat. Years later, Beneteau added water sports into its target market and introduced glass fibre reinforced plastic to the yacht boat building industry.

The greatest marks of Beneteau’s successful history can be traced back to the development of the Beneteau First 50.

The Beneteau First 50 was introduced back in 2006 and received many famous accolades. It was voted “Boat of the Year” in Italy, awarded the “Best Boat” title by an American sailing magazine and named “Yacht of the Year” by the press in 2007 at the Düsseldorf Boat Awards.

Beneteau – Product Range

You can see the newest yachts as well as the newest motor boats that Beneteau produces on the Beneteau website.

The most common Beneteau yachts are the Sense, Oceanis or First. On the other hand, the most popular motor boats are the Antares, Flyer, Swift Trawler or the Barracuda.

Current models of the Beneteau series for sale available are::


Beneteau Oceanis
Beneteau First
Beneteau Cyclades
Beneteau Monotypes
Beneteau Sense
Beneteau One Design
Motor Boats

Beneteau Monte Carlo
Beneteau Antares
Beneteau Flyer
Beneteau Swift Trawler
Beneteau Barracuda

All Beneteau motor boats have a revolutionary design, improving the performance, the handling and the stability. Along with their reduced fuel consumption, faster acceleration and higher top speed is outstanding drive-ability, optimised cornering and soft bumps over large waves that promise an incomparable driving experience. In addition, the comfort offered is matchless – enhanced through steady acceleration and an air cushion in the stern. Thanks to all these fantastic features, Beneteau are second to none in terms of comfort and safety.

The Beneteau shipyard has not only built successful boats in the past but also in the modern era. The Swift Trawler 44 won the prestigious “Motor Boat of the Year 2012” in its class.

Beneteau yachts are equipped with Dock & Go technology, guaranteeing heightened security. For manoeuvrability, the intuitive control system, allowing one-handed manoeuvres and a 360° sail drive, coupled with the aid of a synchronised computer with bow thruster means that you can be assured of absolute control over the sailboat and very easily make 90° turns.

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