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Bayliner is just one of the boat manufacturers that make up part of the Brunswick Boat Group. Arguably the largest boat makers by units in Europe, the Brunswick Boat Group also constructs Sea Ray and Maxum boats.

In the early 1950s, the entrepreneurial and enthusiastic powerboat driver Orin Edson began to sell his own speedboats in a Seattle car park. In 1957 he sold his first Bayliner, which at the time was still a wooden boat. Nine years later, in 1966, the first fibreglass Bayliner boats were created.

Nowadays, Bayliner boats are the best-selling brand of speedboats for sale and for a good reason! Bayliner boats are characterised by their exclusive design, innovative technology, high quality and reliability. The creative and ingenious manufacturing process ensures that the hull and deck of Bayliner boats are a perfect fit, as well as being as smooth as glass!

Bayliner has seen many speed boat manufacturers come and go over the years, leaving many speed boat enthusiasts struggling to find service or replacement parts. On the other hand, Bayliner regard customer satisfaction as their uppermost priority, offering outstanding customer service.

Many a Bayliner for sale can be found amongst the hundreds of speedboats for sale on Boats24.com. Used Bayliner boats are highly recommended and a fantastic choice for those looking to buy a second-hand speed boat!


Bayliner For Sale – Product Range

Bayliner motor boats are suited for every leisure activity. There are, however, different Bayliner series.

Bayliner Bowrider
The Bayliner Bowrider possesses the status of a modern classic. Built between 4.93 meters and 6.86 meters in length, they manage to offer something for everyone whether competing in water sports, fishing or cruising and relaxing for a day having fun. Offering a lot of space for friends, family, and any equipment you wish to take with you, the Bayliner Bowrider is a high-quality vessel.
Current models of the Bowrider series available are:

Bayliner Bowrider 170 OB 

Bayliner Bowrider 175 BR

Bayliner Bowrider 180 OB

Bayliner Bowrider 185 BR
Bayliner Bowrider 195 BR

Bayliner Bowrider 195 Discovery

Bayliner Bowrider 215 BR
Bayliner Bowrider 235 BR

Bayliner Cruiser
A Bayliner Cruiser offers even more than its Bowrider counterpart, including everything that you would need to stay on-board overnight. Comfortable accommodation, a fully-equipped kitchen and a separate toilet means you can feel totally at home while out on the water. The spacious cockpit and welcoming interior also offers sufficient storage possibilities as well as lots of power! The Bayliner Cruiser models are between 7.34 meters and 9.91 meters in length.
Current models of the Cruiser series available are:

Bayliner Cruiser 245 SB
Bayliner Cruiser 255 SB

Bayliner Cruiser 2655
Bayliner Cruiser 266 Discovery

Bayliner Cruiser 285 SB

Bayliner Cruiser 2855
Bayliner Cruiser 315 SB

Bayliner Cruiser 335 SB

Bayliner Deck Boat

A Bayliner Deck Boat is suited for large groups. The boat itself is split up into three zones – the cockpit, the lounge and the platform. Offering lots of space to relax, sunbathe and more, the Deck Boat is very comfort-orientated. The Bayliner Deck Boats available range between 5.66 meters and 6.27 metres in length.
Current models of the Deck Boat series available are:
Bayliner Deck Boat 197 SD

Bayliner Deck Boat 217 SD

Bayliner Avanti
The Bayliner Avanti series is the ultimate crossover boat for boating excursions. Along with the efficient Z-Drive motor, are warm colour schemes, welcoming exteriors and lots of space.

For those Bayliner enthusiasts out there, the Bayliner Element and Bayliner Cuddy boats are not to be missed!

There is a Bayliner for sale. Why should I buy it?

The process of constructing a Bayliner is rigorous and highly-respected. Starting with the hull, the boat needs to have adequate space for passengers and equipment. The Bayliner Cruiser is, in particular, an item of beauty – the perfect mix of large storage space and room to move about in, as well as it looking sophisticated, sleek and elegant from the outside.
Bayliner boats are highly economical due to the Advance Planning System (APS). The forecastle doesn’t rise so steeply during acceleration, thus reducing fuel consumption.
A Bayliner boat is equipped with a variety of guarantees, in case damage occurs the fun will go on!
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