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A small boat, as the name suggests, is a small floating vessel that is designed for only a few passengers. Small boats are well suited for day trips and short voyages because one is usually unable to stay in the boat overnight. There are several sub-categories of “small boat” for sale on, simply because they can be built cheaply and for several different purposes.

Whether you are looking for a fishing boat or a kayak, a longboat or a row boat, you can quickly and easily browse the sub-categories listed above. Please note that because so many boats come under a number of different specifications, you may find - for example - that a Canadian canoe is hidden away in the canoe category, however we are sure you’ll have fun viewing all the small boats on offer!

Small boats are perfect for spending a day, either with friends, family or even alone, out on the water. If you have planned to go swimming in a beautiful bay, or fishing in a local hotspot – a small boat is much more efficient and easier to manoeuvre than the larger motor yachts or sailing boats.

Where can I take a small boat?

As a generality, small boats are not restricted as to where they can be used throughout Europe. This is, however, dependent on the location and period of time your small boat is used, so make sure to check with the local authorities! If for specific security, environmental or land usage reasons, a location has important safety regulations or requirements, these must be heeded. As a general rule, those traveling on a body of water should ask for information from the appropriate authority about the facts, rules and directions.

On many secluded areas and quiet waters, usage of motorboats are not permitted. However an electric boat may have certain privileges. If you intend to buy a boat to use exclusively or frequently on a certain body of water, please inquire about which types of boats are allowed to be used before purchase.

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