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A sailing boat (also known as a sailboat, or generalised as a yacht), is a vessel that is propelled using sails. Some sailboats also have a boat engine, which can be very useful if stuck in a windless location! If you don’t want to be frustrated by the ever-changing weather, why not look at our motor boats for sale?

Don’t be put off though, sailboats are incredible pieces of equipment! The first distinctive difference between different sailboats are their size. There are many, many sub-categories that classify these boats, the most famous being yachts or keelboats. As well as their size, sailing boats can be distinguished by their hull configuration. The crafts either have single hulls (known as monohull) or multihulls (catamarans/trimarans).

The construction of the vessel has a huge influence on its characteristics and sailing performance. Light sailboats, such as dinghies with a centreboard, are extremely dynamic and can react violently to even the smallest gust of wind or twitch in steering. Because of their centreboard with a small draught (the depth of the boat), these smaller yachts are normally used exclusively on inland and coastal waters. The open seas and rough waters are reserved for sailing boats whose heavier keels are deeper draughts are able to counterbalance the force produced by the wind blowing against the sails, protecting the ship from capsizing.

Sailing has been an Olympic sport since the first (modern) Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896. In modern times, the sport is made increasingly fashionable by cheap prices and increased participation, ensuring that sailboat and yacht manufacturers benefit from the sport’s popularity. The most popular brands of sailing boats include Dufour Yachts, Hallberg-Rassy and Jeanneau among many others!

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