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A vessel that is propelled by a combustion engine is called a motorboat, unlike sailing boats which are propelled by wind power. Motorboats come in all shapes and sizes, and are used for a plethora of different functions.

Upon purchasing your motorboat, it is important to bear in mind what the craft will be used for. Small motorboats can become dangerous when used on long sea voyages – they are much more appropriate for usage on inland and coastal waters.

More suitable for cruising the open seas are motor yachts, a type of motorboat which is fantastic for leisure purposes due to their size, range and power. Ranging from basic cabin boats to luxury cruisers, the different classes of leisure boat vary widely. Never fear though – you will find all different types of motorboat on!

Another important factor when buying a motorboat is the boat engine and the engine’s power. In most countries, those without a boating licence cannot drive a motorboat with more than 15 HP, ensure you educate yourself about the local rules and regulations before taking a ride on your motorboat or powerboat! Luckily for you, we have compiled a section for 15 HP motorboats, don’t look any further!

The huge increase in motorboat sales recently has come hand-in-hand with the popularity of motor boat sports. The racing of boats has been around for centuries, however with advances in technology the advancement of adrenaline-fuelled boat racing has dramatically increased. Although only included as an Olympic sport once (back in 1908!) the sport is very popular in the United States of America, where boats can reach over 300km/h during regattas.

Due to the wide range of motorboats available, there aren’t many established manufacturers that have a monopoly over the whole motorboat market. Among the thousands of motorboats on the website, highly recommended both for their quality and efficiency are the powerboats produced by Bayliner, Beneteau, Princess Yachts and Sunseeker.

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