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Jet Boat? Watercraft? Water Scooter? Whatever you call it, Jet-Skis are amazing!

Jet-Skis are a type of personal water craft (PWC) made from synthetic, fibreglass-tempered materials. The term “Jet-Ski” is not official, because it is a trademark for the Kawasaki Jet-Ski, however it is now used universally to refer to any type of personal watercraft. Other makes of PWC include Sea Doo (produced by Bombardier) and Yamaha, who also produce efficient and powerful boat engines for sale.

There are various types of PWC (from here on in called Jet-Ski) for sale on the market, from the single “stand up” watercraft, ranging to larger “sit down” watercraft which can seat up to four people. One can often see Jet-Skis used for watersports purposes (some are even powerful enough to tow a water-skier) on inland and coastal waters, as well as by the rescue services – the high speeds reached by Jet-Skis allow the emergency services personnel to reach the scene of an accident much quicker than they otherwise would.

Jet boats are actuated using an inboard engine with a screw-shaped impeller to create the thrust for propulsion and steering. Due to the incredible speeds they reach, those that generate up to 250 HP and 130km/h require a sports boat licence in order to be legally driven.

If you are looking to buy a Jet-Ski, it is crucial to read the manual. Both new and used Jet-Skis have the potential to be dangerous machines and for safety purposes, many countries legally require the use of the so-called “dead man’s switch”, more commonly known as a “quick stop” device. These mechanisms are connected to the forearm of the rider so that if the rider becomes incapacitated or falls off the Jet-Ski, the engine cuts out and the vehicle stops.

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