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Dinghy, SailCat, or a Collapsible Boat? Inflatable Boats aren’t full of hot air!

An inflatable boat (also known as a rubber dinghy or just “inflatable”) is a lightweight boat constructed with external tubes containing pressurised air. Usually fitted with a boat engine, the slender boats are quick and very practical, therefore it is no surprise that the emergency services, such as the lifeguards or police, often use them.

Inflatable boats were first tested in 1839 by the Duke of Wellington and are to this present day still used as an effective form of transport. Previous ’properly’ inflatable, the term inflatable boat no longer refers to a boat that can be simply dissembled and packed away. They are now bigger, more modern, and filled with pressurised gas.

The tubes of a rubber dinghy can be made from rubberised, synthetic sheets of Hypalon or PVC and are constructed in several separate sections to reduce the damage if a puncture was to occur. Some inflatable boats even go overboard, and have rubber floors and linings, although these can often consist of materials such as steel, wood or aluminium sheets for increased rigidity. There are a plethora of rigid-hulled inflatable boats for (RIB) for sale with solid hulls and rigid floors on the market. However, they require a suitable trailer and a berth because they can’t be disassembled!

Rubber dinghies are usually considered boats for beginners, and many of the amateurs that buy a rubber dinghy have to really consider what purpose the boat will serve. To make the decision harder, there are many different types of boat in the category, ranging from an inflatable fishing boat to a diving boat. Before purchasing an inflatable boat, will be using it for sailing trips, cruising, fishing, or making longer journeys? In addition, how many people should it accommodate?

In the qualified opinion of, beginners without any form of boat licence should look into buying a 3-meter long collapsible boat. Coupled with one of the used 5 HP outboard engines, one can easily reach the speed of 25 km/h with two passengers on board. Not the fastest you can reach, however it is more than enough to drive smoothly around a lake or along the coast feeling the wind running through your hair!

For more advanced boat drivers, inflatable boats with engines up to 15/25 HP should suffice for several activities, we heavily endorse the Zodiac Boats brand for those who are experienced!

Whatever inflatable boat you choose, it is guaranteed to be a fantastic purchase. To view more boats, please do not hesitate to view all of the boats for sale on!