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The boat engine is primarily used to propel the boat, usually by thrust. The motor can do its job from either inside or outside the hull of the craft, giving name to the two major types of boat engine - inboard and outboard.

The inboard boat engine works just like an auto-mobile in terms of how it creates power and delivers drive to the vessel. The engine has cylinders which, when filled with fuel and oxygen, ignite and pushes a piston downwards. This piston is connected to the crank or drive shaft and when completed multiple times, cause the shaft to spin and the vehicle to move. The shaft can be attached to either a propeller, paddle-wheel, generator or jet drive.

Inboard motors are more commonly found in larger boats such as a motor yacht. These bigger boats require strong motors because the force of the weaker outboard motor would simply not be able to transport it effectively or efficiently.

The outboard motors, colloquially called ’outboarders’, are weaker because they transport the boat with a propeller in a simpler, yet similar design. Fuel burns in the cylinder (or cylinders) to create power. This power moves a piston which in turn moves a crankshaft which again in turn moves the driveshaft. This driveshaft is attached to propeller which spins to power the boat through the water.

Outboard motors are fixed at the stern of the vessel, most commonly a motorboat, but there are some models that allow the boat engine to be folded sideways or upwards to avoid damage through transportation or when motoring through shallow waters.

For economical an environmental reasons, electric motors are becoming ever more popular and are available in an increasingly wide variety and assortment. Many quiet bodies of water forbid boats with engines, therefore those with electric-powered motors are certainly reaping the benefits of their investment – some electric boat engines can even be charged using solar power!

There are many different manufacturers of boat engine from across the world, however those that have ridden the wave to the top of the international market include the products by Mercury, Honda Marine and Yamaha.

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