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Fundamentally, a boat trailer is a form of trailer that launches, retrieves, carries and sometimes stores boats.

 Boat trailers are used to transport boats from one place to another, attached to the back of a vehicle. It is important to note that boat trailers are not the same as boat trolleys. Trolleys are only suitable for lowering the given boat into the water.

 The trailers, just like the boats they carry, come in many different varieties – they are most often distinguished by the number of axles and type of braking system they use. So whether you want to shift a fishing boat or a sailing boat, there is something for everyone! The number of axles depends on the length of the trailer and the more wheels it has. Between single axle trailers, tandem trailers and triple axle trailers, the larger trailers that can accommodate larger boats will have an increased number of axles to bear the weight. Furthermore, there are models of trailer equipped with their own brakes and others that require the towing vehicle to brake instead.

  The most important factor when considering to buy a boat trailer is the size and – above all – weight of the boat that will be stored or transported. A boat trailer must ONLY be used when the maximum weight has not been exceeded. The boat should not outweigh the limit, because there could be a high chance of malfunction or damage to the axle(s) and/or the boat. Additionally, the tensile load of the car should be taken into account, this can be found along with the car’s registration details. If any of these rules are broken, you risk having your licences terminated.

 You will even find models from big-name brands such as Marlin, Brenderup and Wick!

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