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A keel boat is a form of sailing boat equipped with a ballast keel. Fitted at the bottom of the boat, this keel is particularly heavy, changing the boat's usual centre of gravity. The keel is in the shape of a fin, based on aquatic creatures, to be as streamlined as possible so that only a small amount of water resistance occurs.

In regards to materials of keel boats, cast iron or lead may be used. The keel is bolted firmly to the hull using the very secure keel bolts, specially designed to withstand the pressure and water resistance. The bolts attach the keel to the hull where the hull is at its deepest, ensuring that the centre of gravity is as low as possible.

The ballast keel gets its name from the characteristic that it does not outweigh more than half the total weight of the boat, ensuring that the vessel has the low centre of gravity that is so important for safety and manoeuvrability. Because of their reliability and ease of use, the design of many sailing yachts is based on a keel boat. The stability provided by the vessel is rarely overlooked because it is so difficult to capsize. You will fail to find any catamarans in this category, simply because they already have the stability from their double hulls and broad construction.

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