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Sailing with a dinghy is a very popular hobby and even classed as a sports boat! More commonly known as a jolly boat, there are numerous sailing associations and clubs that welcome all new members with open arms. The definition of a jolly boat is a boat with a keel, that has a centre of gravity above the water line and kept upright due to the amount of pressure delivered from the water. This makes a jolly boat different to many other types of sailing boat.

The crew sailing a jolly boat must always pay attention the wind. It is vital that wind speed, wind pressure and wind direction are always taken into account. If the individual(s) – there are one and two man jolly boats – do not react to air pockets or sudden gusts of wind, the boat may capsize. Nowadays, sailing boats are constructed in such a way that makes them completely unsinkable and can infact un-capsize itself! These more advanced boats are manufactured with a double bottom, ridding the boat of water during a capsize. The various floats and foamed cavities eventually swing the vessel the other way, ensuring the boat will always stay above the water level.

Jolly boats used for sports are divided into two different classes, racing dinghies and wandering dinghies. The racing dinghy, as the name suggests, is a vessel primarily used for racing purposes. The racing season usually runs between March and October, when the conditions are particularly good. It is estimated that there are over 1900 jolly boat races every week held all over the world – a popular sport by any means. Jolly boat classes are based on the design classifications and the dimensions of the boat. These include, for example, the shape of the hull, the length and width of the boat, and the size of the sail. If you looking to buy a particular jolly boat, please feel free to read the specifications of each boat!

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