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Sailing Catamarans

A catamaran is fundamentally a sailing boat/sailing yacht with two distinctive hulls. Sailing catamarans differ to motor catamarans in that the latter have engine-powered propulsion instead of sails. The catamarans in this category are used as light, quick leisure boats, that can also be used for sports and cruising.

Sailing catamarans can be fitted with a huge set of sails that tower over the hulls of the boat itself. These bigger sails have a larger surface area and can achieve propulsion from the wind much more effectively. Thanks to the narrow hulls and small draughts, catamarans are streamlined vessels, however are unable to reach high speeds. Unable to glide across the water, the hulls of the boat do not have the necessary surface area to ride the crest of incoming waves.

Fun Fact: The quickest a sailing catamaran has ever gone (at the time of writing) was recorded by the so-called “maxi-catamaran” Orange II driven by Bruno Peyron, which, at 37 metres long, travelled 766 miles in 24 hours.

Sailing Catamarans - Space & Comfort Intertwined

A trip on a catamaran is one of the comfiest to be had on a boat. Their wide hulls provide great stability, meaning they very rarely keel over. Aso thanks to the two hulls present, a sailing catamaran offers significantly more space than a sailing boat or motorboat of the same length. Inside the hulls, wet rooms or cabins can be found, or even refurbished to consist of living or navigation rooms. The water is the limit! Due to the spacious compartments, there is plenty of space to sleep ensuring that a mooring place isn't needed, you can just sleep on the boat!

Safe and Secure – Sailing Catamarans are Super!

Catamarans are watertight and protect against all the elements. The two independent hulls guarantee stability against foul weather and due to the shallow draught, getting grounded on a seabed at low tide is not a problem. In addition, the small draught means that the catamaran can be anchored closer to the beach. Also very easy to manouevre, a catamaran is more often easier to handle than a mono-hulled vessel.

Catamarans have a relatively high purchase price and higher maintenance costs. However, you sincerely get your money's worth, because they feature approximately 40% more space than a standard monohulled boat of the same length. If you are on a restricted budget, it is possible to purchase used sailing catamarans here on Boats24.com!

Pontoon Boats

Catamarans with inflatable hulls are called pontoon boats. Depending on the size of the vessel and boat manufacturer, the size of the sail can be between 8 and 16 square metres. The best feature of these portable boats are that they can be disassembled and transported so that a permanent morring is not at all necessary.

Experienced sailors can assemble a pontoon boat in up to 20 minutes, manufacturer dependent. Some certain catamaran manufacturers build pontoon boats that can take up to two hours to assemble! There are many light pontoon boats used for sporting purposes available on Boats24.com, which are easy to assemble and suitable for fast speeds. Developed in Russia, these boats are fantastic for expeditions, because while both stable and safe, they can also be assembled quickly.

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