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Sports Boats

A sports boat is a boat that is used for both leisure and sport. Often used as showpieces at boat fairs and exhibitions, they can be very lavish and aesthetically pleasing. There are many forms of sports boat available that can cross-combine into different categories such as sailing yacht and motor yacht.

Designed with style and elegance, luxury and quality goes hand in hand to make them one of the most exciting vessels that can be purchased. Generally, a special driving licence is required to operate a sports boat. There are many different driving licences for all different forms of sports boat, therefore one should check the local regulations and specifications of the boat before taking to the water.

One form of sports boat is a motorboat, that can be used in water skiing. Motorboats - with either inboard or outboard motors - are equipped with much more horsepower than other boats, therefore are ideal in catering for the needs of the thrillseekers. Also used for sporting purposes is the Jet-Ski, used for racing in many corners of the globe.

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