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Speed Boats

Speed boats are very popular and used almost exclusively for racing. These long and graceful boats are adapted for long distance racing and usually consists of seating for at least two people, one of whom is exclusively responsible for the boat's navigation.

Speed boats are differentiated into boat classes and distinguished according to their dimensions and power. "Class 1" racing boats correspond to, so to speak, the "Formula 1" of boat racing. These are the biggest and most powerful boats. Their motors may, according to the rules set by the Union Internationale Motonautique, feature cylinders with a capacity of 16 liters. A speed boat in this extreme class may have a boat engine that can reach 1000 HP or more! Most frequently these quick and graceful boats are between 12 and 14 meters long.

Class 1 speed boats compete in the annual World Championships, consisting of adrenaline-fuelled events on waters all over the world. The boats race over distances as long as 180 kilometers. 

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