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Motor Yachts

A motor yacht is a bigger and better sports boat, complete with motor drive, a deck and a cabin. The opposite of a motor yacht is a sailing yacht which can be equipped with a small auxiliary motor, but more commonly uses the power of the wind through the sails to push the yacht along.

 To compare the two, please do not hesitate to view one of the most popular sailing yacht manufacturers, Hallberg-Rassy.

Depending on where the motor yacht will be used, either a boating licence for inland waters or sea waters may be required. Please check the local rules and regulations to ensure you do not engage in any illegal activities!

The difference between a motorboat and a motor yacht is not clear-cut: If the boat's length is shorter than 7 meters it is considered a motorboat, if over 10 meters it can be called a yacht. 

If the length consists of 15 meters or  above, the motor yacht is considered a Maxi Yacht. When a yacht is longer than 24 meters, it is termed a Mega Yacht or a Super Yacht – here, however, the focus doesn't lie on the nature of the boat, but on pure luxury. A renowned manufacturer of Mega Yachts is, for example, Ferretti.

Currently the longest motor yacht in the world is the M/Y Eclipse, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and is 163 meters long. Unfortunately we can't offer you his boat, but we can show you the classified boat advertisements for many more beautiful motor yachts! There are many motor yacht manufacturers featured on our website, including Bavaria, Beneteau and Jeanneau.

During high-season, when the boat is in use, a mooring place or berth will be required, which naturally costs money. In addition, a storage facility may be required for the winter months. There may be a suitable berth or storage facility for sale or rental on Boats24.com, you'll never find out unless you look!

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