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A houseboat is essentially a fully-equipped motorboat that allows one to live on the water for an extended period of time - or even used for just a short trip. A highly luxurious way to experience boating, a houseboat is also fantastic for hosting parties or family get-togethers.

There are a plethora of houseboats for sale - from simple and cosy, right up to spacious and majestic! As well as the traditional houseboats, other common categories of houseboats include Pénichettes, Narrowboats and Villa Boats. Each sort offers a unique set of characteristics that will meet your specific needs - just don't forget to buy or rent a berth so that you can keep it somewhere!

Traditional Houseboats - A house literally sitting on a steel-framed hull. While sailing through the historical canals of Amsterdam, you will undoubtedly experience these traditional houseboats in their glory - with vibrant colour schemes, balconies and rooftop porches, such boats are surprisingly inexpensive. However, the maintenance and the cost of operating a traditional houseboat must be taken into consideration. In addition, the fuselage and the structure of the vessel must be stable, because a 100 square meter houseboat can weigh up to 100 tons!

Pénichettes - The design of "La French Houseboat"  is based on a French Péniche barge. The concept for the Pénichette's layout and brand is used by the Locaboat Plaisance SA Company, which has helped them established their name both in and out of France. Across Europe, Pénichettes are enjoyed and often seen sailing on the inland waters of Holland or cruising the canals of Venice. 

Narrowboat - Originating from the mid-1700s, the narrowboat commonly sailed the English Midlands and this form of houseboat is well known for its slim and elongated shape. The measurements of a Narrowboat can be as extreme as 21 meters long and 2.10 meters wide. The small width of the boat is due to the narrow channels that are connected to the canals in the United Kingdom. Today, narrowboats are rented out for holiday trips and in fact seldom used as a place of permanent residency.

Villa Boats, or Floating Homes - The houseboats take the concept of living on the water to a whole new level. A large porch area and even a sun deck on the roof are just a couple of facilities that make the villa boats feel more like a home. The construction of these house boats follow the tough safety standards set for all shipbuilding projects and these floating superstructures are securely set on solid steel pontoons that are designed to be corrosion resistant. With the help of the solar power, the electrical system of the boat powers the thermal heat pump, which functions as a heat processor so that in summer there is air conditioning and in the winter there is a heating system.  

Whether looking for a traditional or a luxurious houseboat, you can surely find the right new or used houseboat on Boats24.com!