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Cruisers are classic boats used for leisure purposes. In essence an elegant cabin boat, they are luxurious, offering comfort and style, and they are generally very easy to operate. In addition, a very safe vessel, their deep and wide hulls mean that they are very well protected against capsizing.

Properties of a Cruiser

A further advantage of these motor yachts is their size, enables families or larger groups of people to spend time relaxing at sea.

 These boats also have a lot of sophistication and will most certainly turn heads. As well as their rapid speed, these boats are known for their ease of handling. Cruisers are designed for longer tours and for that purpose they are equipped with powerful motors and large fuel/water tanks. To provide comfort and luxury on these longer journeys, cruisers are designed with spaciousness in mind. Passengers enjoy a sense of freedom and a feeling of space that ensures time spent on board is enjoyable and pleasant.

 The boats are normally between seven and twelve meters long and can have several cabins, providing sleeping facilities and even a fully equipped kitchen.

Depending on how you intend to use your boat, you may need either a boating licence for inland waters and/or a boating licence for using a cruiser at sea. Please check the local legislation and be aware of the rules and regulations.

The Crème de la Crème of Cruisers


Many shipyards specialise in manufacturing cruisers. Fairline Cruisers are available to be bought on Boats24, either used or new. The most popular of Fairline cruisers is the Targa 38 - Pollenca, designed for eight people and equipped with a whopping double drive of 370 HP.

Boats produced by Bavaria are also equipped with comprehensive equipment and should most certainly not be overlooked. Quicksilver, another company specializing in building cruisers, is one of the most popular boatmakers in the world - there are plenty of cruisers that deserve your time and attention. Please view all our cruisers, even those by such manufacturers as Jeanneau and Sunseeker!

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