Boele - Dampfschiff (+ diesel) Restaurantschiff

Boele - Dampfschiff (+ diesel) Restaurantschiff
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Shipyard / Manufacturer:
Classic Boat
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Well Maintained
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Key Data
  • Length:
    38.46 m
  • Width:
    7.02 m
  • Draught:
    2.00 m
  • Material:
  • Year Built:
  • Operating Hours:
    2500 h
  • Weight:
    369194.00 kg
  • Fuel Tank:
    25000.00 l
  • Freshwater Tank:
    10000.00 l
  • Waste Tank:
    6000.00 l
  • Number of Engines:
  • Engine Model:
    Scania DS14 (+ 2 Dampfmachinen)
  • Drive:
    Diesel with Inboard
  • Engine Power:
    250 kW (340 hp)
  • Number of Bathrooms:
Additional Equipment:
Deck Hatch, Door to Bathing Platform, Fire Extinguisher, Guard Rail, TV Aerial, Colour TV, Gangway, Radio, CD-Player, Manual Boat Crane, Heating, Shower, Pressurized Water System, Warm Water System, Underwater Paint, Teak Deck, Rudder, Grated Deck, Transom, Towing Bracket, Steering Wheel, Cushion Covers, Repair Set, Storage Box, Bilge Pump, Mooring Ropes, Windscreen, Front Passenger Seat, Stern Seat, Upholstered Stern Seat, Control Panel with Seat, Waterproof Hubs, Manual Winch, Electric Winch, Facilitated Lauching, Anti-Theft System, Zinced, Inspection-Certified
Interior & Layout:
Interior Helm, Pilothouse, Cabin, Kettle
Nautical Instruments:
Complete Navigation, Onboard Computer, Radar, Map Plotter, Intercom, Weather Chart Plotter, Compass, Radio Weather Receiver, Anemometer, GPS, Onboard Telephone, SSB Receiver, VHF Radio
Extractor Hood, Oven, Sink, Dishwasher, Freezer, Microwave, Cooker, Refrigerator, Cooker
Technical Equipment:
Shore Connection, Windscreen Wiper, Gas Detector, Anchor, Battery, Searchlight, Stern Anchor Winch, Bow Headlights, Liferaft, Deck Washer, Reverse Gear, Fuel Gauge, Oil Level Gauge, Steering Arm, Bench, Storage Room, Speedometer, Dynamic Air Speed Indicator, Operating Hours Meter, Built-In Tank, Steering Compass, Voltmeter, Double Gearshift, Steering System, Anti-Theft Device, Tachometer, Air Conditioning, Bow Thruster
Special Features
Unique opportunity to acquire a unique historic piece.
For private use (yacht, houseboat) or business purposes (restaurant or party boat).

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Diesel engine and/or steam driven Dutch passenger ship.
The oldest and most exclusive of its kind in The Netherlands.
Maximum capacity 110 passengers - Excellent condition.

Beautiful historic Dutch steamer ‘anno 1897’. The ms (or ss) "Succes" is a former steam tug, restored as passenger ship for day trips (f.i. dinner cruises) up to 110 guests.

Also suitable as luxury yacht, houseboat or restaurant ship. Absolutely in top condition with lovely decorated 19th century lounges. Unique in all aspects. Amongst others, a large steam organ (calliope) on deck.

This classic passenger ship is offered “as is, where is” and ready for use, including inventory and stocks.

The private ship, which has been used in recent years as party boat to cover the maintenance costs, lends itself not only for day trips (there are no cabins), events and parties, but also offers excellent opportunities as a (docked) catering establishment/restaurant, luxury yacht or houseboat.

Due to the absence of a successor and the owner’s intention to move abroad, the decision has been made to sell this special, completely furnished and very well-equipped (over 115 years) antique ship.

The nostalgic “Succes”, built in 1897 is definitely a unique object with a particularly interesting history. In the Netherlands it is the oldest still sailing, two propeller driven steamship.

From 1985 to 1994 the ship was completely renovated, modernized, converted to accommodate passengers, and a diesel motor was added (with its own 3rd propeller).
Since then the ship has been carefully maintained (internal as well as external, optical and technical) and at this time the ship is in all respects in excellent condition.
The ms/ss “Succes” is certified for NL zone 2 and on the Rhine to Basel (CH).

Since 1997 the owner has made the exclusive ship available (in principe only on average about 15 to 20 times per year) for groups up to 110 passengers, hosting various business meetings and (private) parties (official wedding location).
But not only that, it is also the perfect recording decor and crowd puller during (nautical and steam) events, which is why the “Succes” has been part of many representative activities. With its beautiful looks, and by having Europe's largest steam organ on deck (calliope, which can be heard from miles away), it is a real attraction for all around.

The owners aim of keeping this beautiful "sailing heritage" afloat is to preserve the ship as a document of the national maritime history in a not-for-profit operation. The target was/is the conservation costs coverage, on basis of a limited number of trips!

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Steam ship with motor propulsion.

The steam boiler (15 m3 treated boiler water, 15 bar working pressure, 150 m2 heated surface, 214 flame pipes) is now fired with 2 Elco diesel burners and just about every sailing brought under pressure (for the steam organ). The steam plant is certified (no. 298090042, Steam-registerno. K-22488). For some years now, a diesel engine (with own propeller) is used for propulsion. The 2 triple expansion steam engines (Koopman 1916, each 250 psi, 90 rpm, with Kuypers thrust bearings and a condenser) are held in condition. Sailing under steam requires amongst other things, the assembly of both "steam propellers" and additional steam engines maintenance. The steam plant also includes f.i.: 110V steam generators (2 x Sunderland 6KW), steam steering gear, pump, anchor winch (uncoupled and now electric powered) and a calliope (steam organ). More "steam information" on request and in section 2 (history).

The ship is offered/sold as motor vessel!

Propulsion engine: 1x with 8100 running hours (app. 2500 hrs after "revision 2004") 340 HP at 1800 rpm-Scania DS14-2 type 02A04 (V8 – 243 kw) with box cooler, shaft with automatic greasing and a 4-bladed bronze propeller.

Reversing-clutch: 1x - app. 2500 hrs after “revision 2004” Capitol HYC 7700 (4:1 reduction).

Bow thrusther / bow propeller, remote controlled (new “gearbox” 2011). Van Wijk 360 degrees bow jet, powered by DAF DKA 1160 162KW/220PK, 6-cylinder diesel engine.

Power Supply: 2 x generator (both with app. 7250 hours) + shore power facilities + battery station. The 2 generators: 46KW/63hp Perkins 4-cyl. diesel engine (1500 rpm) with Stamford generator sets 60KVA 220/380V. 24V emergency power supply. On board 110V convertor.

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he ss "Succes" is a beautiful nostalgic characteristic appearance with an impressive high bow. The two-deck steel casco is on the upper deck with a built on wood (teak) wheelhouse and saloon.

There are teak benches around the saloon (adjacent to a spacious sun deck) on the upper deck. Decks are connected with 2 flights of stairs. Around the saloon on the lower deck a covered side walk (110 cm) with on star- and larboard in-/exits. Below decks are holds and engine rooms. The blasted hull is painted annually. Woodwork is varnished and is treated twice a year. The whole is in an excellent state of maintenance.

UPPER DECK: CASCO welded steel construction with wooden on building (teak) – bow with: 2 x 4 portholes, 2 x name plate (steel with brass letters), 2 anchor holes with anchor, aluminum advertising cabinet – steal/teak railings around with 4 lifebuoys (2 light, 2 line) - steel painted upper deck with water drain. FRONT DECK (app. 7x6m) with steam-anchor winch with large bronze anchor bell (with electric motor with cover), high and low air tubes (with cover ups fire), stovepipe, tilting flagpole, bollards, 3 baskets with wires / hawser, removable teak skylight (kitchen below it) with normal window glass (protected by steel bars), drinking water intake point. WHEELHOUSE (teak-glass, 450 cm wide, 220 cm high and 315 cm deep) with on SB and P steel stair with landing and sliding doors (with 1 buoy with light, 1 x with line). Around 12 frames of which 2 dropping windows. Teak wheelhouse on steel base (approx. 120 cm high), P/SB accessible via wooden shutters, with storage and battery station. In the wheelhouse, among others: color radar raster-scanner, spotlight, dekspots, antennas, blue river plate. STEERAGE (app. 6, 5x5m) with tilting chimney, 3 steam whistles, unique steam organ personnel toilet, life jackets, storage cupboard, stairs to lower deck (with firehosereel and water connection), 2 mountain chests. On roof of storage shed on the intermediate deck: aluminum gangway (400x45cm, 2 wheels, rope handrail). SALOON UPPER DECK (teak, glass) with 3 doors (1 x blocked) to the upper deck, 20 fixed & 4 dropping windows, around deck benches (teak slats), 2 boat hooks on roof. The flow of steerage to aft deck (along the upper saloon with benches) is app. 180 cm wide. AFT DECK (approx.: 10 x 6 m, also gathering place evacuation) with tilting flagpole with 2 large (65 cm) Bronze portholes as standing table, a glass table (app. 240x130cm) around 2e staircase to lower deck, davit with 220V winch, steel lifeboat on wooden buck, 2 outdoor speakers, ships bell. GENERAL: buildup wheelhouse and saloon with 12 put lamps (bronze/glass), P/SB fuel intake points, roofs finished with roofing felt, sinking eaves, plastic and steel rain drains.

BELOW DECK: CASCO (welded steel), steel deck with side walk, steel walls with 9 bronze portholes, 30 wooden frames (fixed and dropping windows, 2 waterproof steel doors with bronze porthole (1 guests entrance, 1 kitchen), 2 double saloon doors (wood/glass), 3 single saloon doors (wood/glass) – 2 wooden doors (1 x engine room, 1 x emergency), around steel railings (opening parts on both sides) with teak top and 2 lifebuoys (1 light, 1 line) – fully teak side walk caulked on steel deck with watercourse and drainage, fully covered by upper deck, with central and stern bollards to SB/P – STERN DECK with spare steam propellers, flagpole, floor liège (access rudder quadrant), basket with ships cable / hawser – GENERAL: in side walk 17 puts lamps (bronze/glass), 2x boathook on Sb/P, 4 ventilation hatches for the hold/engine rooms, 2 steel stairs to upper deck (1 x on stern deck, 1 x to P)

HULL HOLD: CASCO riveted steel (most doubled with welded-on plates - underwater ship inspection report available), around with flushing holes, water inlet points, steel welded wood fender (with thick sea hawsers as fenders). BOTTOM lightly swept virtually flat, mid-section (dock plan available). HOLD with 5 partitions/6 waterproof compartments (including 1 drinking water tank). GENERAL on hull in hold: bow propeller/thruster, stern with bronze propeller, rudder stock with 1 rudder blade, 2 shafts steam engines (propellers disassembled and in remote storage)

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The guest rooms are luxuriously furnished, comfortable and nostalgic pronounced; an exclusive warm ambiance of elegance.

The "Succes" is fully equipped with central heating (plate radiators and convectors) and both saloons are equipped with Carrier air conditioning units, teak floors with narrow ash strips, wood paneling to the exposed beams and brass support poles. Everything "before and behind the scenes" is in a pristine condition and the included inventory is more than complete.

The indoor area can be divided into a wheelhouse, upper saloon (with bar and sun deck) on the upper deck, entrance and saloon below (with bar and covered sidewalk).

From the entrance (hall) with cloakroom and toilet groups, runs a passage (with cupboard space) to the saloon below. Adjacent to the hall there is the kitchen with underneath it a technical area (with central heating boiler, bow propeller/bow thruster, 2 generators, shore power, various electrical installations) and the storage room (incl. stocks and crew dressing room with shower).

The upper and lower saloons are centrally connected by a mezzanine level and short spiral staircase making them a unit. The room (under the mezzanine level) contains a walkable glass floor so one can take a look at the steam machines downstairs in the hold.

There are 6 waterproof compartments below deck; drinking water tank in the peak, technique area an storage room under the kitchen, steam boiler room (with adjacent fuel bunker, bilge tank and 2 storage spaces), steam engine room and engine room with main diesel engine.

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