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Motor Catamarans

A boat with two connected hulls is called a catamaran. These vessels are usually broad and are extremely stable. Their weight is kept relatively low due to the lack of a keel. The speed of a catamaran can be increased using a planing hull.

Catamarans are usually divided into three different sub-categories: motor catamarans, sailboat catamarans and row catamarans. The sailboat catamarans on Boats24.com can be found alongside our sailing boats. There is also a special form of catamaran called a SWATH which, in the strictest sense, are not actually catamarans. Their defining feature is the underwater torpedo-shaped driving bodies which provide the boat's buoyancy. A platform is built on top of the two hulls to provide space above the water level for the boat’s passengers.

A motorised catamaran is usually the standard vessel for a ferry or work boat. Thanks to their breadth, they are able to accommodate a large number of people or a high volume of material. In some parts of the world, such as Australia, smaller motor catamarans are used to transport people at speeds of up to 48 knots! They are therefore particularly suitable for transporting people across shorter stretches of water. In Germany, motor catamarans are used to provide boat tours, such as in Hamburg, where used to transport people over the Elbe.

For several years catamarans have been manufactured to be run on solar power. Currently the biggest solar catamaran is the Planet Solar, which is also the biggest of any watercraft powered by solar energy!

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