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Cabin Boats

The term "Cabin Boat", obviously refers to boats that have a cabin. Depending on the position of the cabin, the boats are separated into different categories accordingly. The main categories are either mid-cabin boats or front-cabin boats. The navigational and control equipment is usually found inside the cabin and size-depending, there may be space for such things as a bed, or seating area. 

The cabin's function is to act as the bedroom and living space on the boat - giving complete protection from the harsh winds. Depending on the design of the boat, the cabin can be called a 'cuddy cabin', a 'semi-cabin' or a full cabin. A cuddy cabin has space just big enough to sleep in. A semi-cabin is a larger cabin, but one that does not take up the entire floor-space of the boat. A boat with a full cabin is one where the cabin takes up all of the boat’s floor-space and is well-equipped to be habitable for a long period of time. A houseboat, with its perpendicular walls, is considered the classic image of the cabin boat. Perfect for use as a fishing boat, cabin boats usually have a lot of storage space.

Many cabin boats are equipped with a hard, immovable roof that provides protection from all elements and is watertight. There are, however, models that feature retractable and removable roofs. Handy, because these boats can be driven with the roof down during good weather. Should it start to rain, the roof can quickly be reattached to provide effective protection from the wind and rain. A cabin boat with a removal roof has the advantage of more flexible usage.  However, the film used to make convertible roofs is easily damaged and not as stable as a traditional, hard roof.

Cabins feature at least one window, often more, so that light can enter the the space and provide the ship’s captain a chance to see out of the cabin while navigating. In addition, the windows help to improve the feel and atmosphere of the interior. Boat manufacturers have a wide range of materials to choose from when building cabins, to make construction somewhat freer and allowing for an assortment of materials to be used.

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