Bombard (FR) - Sunrider 550

Bombard (FR) - Sunrider 550
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Object Number: 466026
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Seller: commercial
WasserSportCenter Hopp GmbH
Mönchengladbach - Deutschland
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Key Data
  • Shipyard / Manufacturer:
    Bombard (FR)
  • Model:
    Sunrider 550
  • Category:
  • Berth:
    WSC Hopp / Mönchengladbach Germany
  • Length:
    5.50 m
  • Width:
    2.18 m
  • Year Built:
  • Weight:
    350.00 kg
  • Drive:
  • Condition:
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Bombard Sunrider 550 Strongan
in standard equipment

Price ex works

Fibreglass hull with pronounced V-shape, equipped with lateral gradations
Non-slip deck
1 Bugring Ring
2 rear cleats
2 rear tow rings
Inspection flap to engine tray
1 large flow bilge valve
1 x fuselage

Strongan Duotex Boat Fabric 2 x 1100 Decitex (500-550-600), composite by high-frequency welding.
Option Hypalon Neoprene
detachable hose body, boat fabric Hypalon Neoprene 1670 Decitex (700)
Easy Push Valves
Scouring bar with ultra-wide profile
Polyester bow fitting
Handrail (strap and grip cord)
4 external handles
Rear cone reinforcement

1 centrally positioned tilt console with steering wheel, steering gear and cable, windshield, handrail, seat with backrest in front of console
integrated 77 liter tank (550/650), 54 liter tank (500), 200 liter tank (700)
1 water/gasoline separator
1 bolster with storage space (650/700)
2 paddles
1 foot pump
1 x Repair Kit
1 boat owner's manual
1 swimming ladder
1 Bilge Pump (650)

Combination sundeck/picnic table
Water Ski Tow Mast
Equipment carrier
Synthetic teak deck (except 700)

Also available in *NEO: Hypalon - neoprene hose fabric

Other accessories on request
Also available with outboard and trailer

Price plus 893, -Euro transport costs
(advance freight, delivery plant - Mönchengladbach)

Water Sports Center Hopp

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Bombard Sunrider 550 Strongan
in der Serienausstattung

Preis ab Werk

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Gern auch mit Aussenborder und Trailer

Preis zzgl. 893,-Euro Transportkosten
(Vorfracht, Anlieferung Werk - Mönchengladbach)

WasserSportCenter Hopp

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Seller: commercial
Company: WasserSportCenter Hopp GmbH
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Seller: commercial
Company: WasserSportCenter Hopp GmbH
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