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A dinghy is a type of small boat, usually operated by one person. They can be actuated either by man-power or by using a boat engine.

Originating from Bengal in Eastern India, in its earliest form the dinghy was a simple boat made from planks, it appealed to many sailors because of its simple building process and sturdy structure. Dinghies are historically known for being one person boats, where the person is responsible for both direction and steering. Nowadays, advances in technology mean that the boats are larger and still have the required stability, leading the dinghies to have similarities to pontoon boats.

Dinghies are regularly used to transport passengers across water, from anchorage to land. When considering the question as to what dinghy will suit you best, you should pay attention to the regions and bodies of water you will be sailing in. A dinghy should be light and easy to store – with a standard weight of between 20kg and 30kg, dinghies are not particularly heavy and suitable for use as lifeboats.

The most well-known brand of dinghy is the Zodiac, however there are also good quality dinghies available for purchase from brands such as Avon and Zephyr. Highly rated in the sailing community, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed!

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