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Outboard Boat Engines

Contrary to an inboard engine, an outboard boat engine (also known as an “outboarder”) is placed on the outside of the boat and not firmly fixed to the vessel's hull so it can easily be mounted and dismounted. To achieve all that an engine can, in a portable manner, the components of the motor are tightly compacted – including the electric motor, transmission and propeller, all responsible for the forward drive produced by the engine.

Outboard motors are commonly found on small boats, for example motorboats or dinghies. They can also be found – somewhat rarely – on sailing boats, used as a backup in case the wind dies down or in case of emergency. Outboarders are commonly used for racing purposes, however you won't see them at the highest level. As a general rule, one outboarder is used to propel a boat, however there are exceptions where two outboarders are fixed to the stern as used in conjunction. This is often found with powerful pontoon boats with a fibreglass hull.

The most common manufacturers of outboard engine are Mercury, Suzuki and Yamaha.

An outboard boat motor is usually powered using an internal combustion engine, however electric boat engines are used increasingly more often. The reason for the spike in electric engines is due to the prevalent environmental concerns. Internal combustion motors release products that can be harmful to the environment as they can contaminate the air and water.

Advantages & Disadvantages of an Outboard Engine

Motorboats with an outboarder are very easy to manoeuvre and very reliable pieces of equipment. Compact, light, and small, outboard motors do not take up much space and are available in several different power classes. It is very easy to purchase an outboard motor and they can be maintained at a very low cost, in addition it is very easy to find a replacement propeller should you need one.

The main disadvantage of an outboard motor engine is that they are more liable to be stolen. Because they are out in the open, it is also more likely for outboard motors to corrode due to the wind and weather. Purchasing a protective cover and keeping your boat/engine locked away is highly recommended.

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