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Inboard Boat Engines

A boat's engine is considered an inboard motor or “inboarder”, if the engine itself is integrated into the boat's structure. The opposite of an inboard engine is the outboard engine, also known as an “outboarder”, designed to be compact and occasionally portable. It must be noted that inboard engines can also be considered outboard motors under certain circumstances.

When an inboarder is fitted, it also requires a hole to be made through the back wall of the boat's structure so that the drive shaft can be fitted, this gives the boat access to the water, allowing propulsion to take place. There are many different ways in which the boat can be operated using an inboarder, which are mainly found on motor yachts. More than often, a fixed drive shaft is applied, usually when the engine is fixed directly in the centre of the boat. There are also Z-Drive engines that are, on the contrary, fixed at the stern of the vessel.

Maybe you are browsing for a different drive system? The Azimuth thruster is a configuration of propellers placed in pods at the bottom of the boat. These pods can be rotated to any angle on a rotatable gondola, making a rudder unnecessary. It is widely disputed that Azimuth thrusters give ships and boats better manoeuvrability. In addition, some of the inboard engines on Boats24.com may be V-Drive, a fitted propulsion system that consists of two drive shafts, a gearbox and a propeller. Most advanced inboard engines are fitted at the stern because of the complexity and weight.

Advantages & Disadvantages of an Inboard Engine

Inboard motors have their distinct advantages. They are typically not as compact and complex as their external counterparts, therefore the technology is simpler and the spare parts are cheaper. On the other hand, inboard motors take up considerably more space, and a replacement or repairs can be only made when on land. Therefore buyers have an important decision about which motor to purchase and use on their boat!

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