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Electric Boat Engines

Before you commit to purchasing and using an electric boat engine, please check local legislation to ensure that one does not need a permit or licence to use one. In many countries and regions there are laws that could end up in imprisonment or fine. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Whether used on a fishing boat or a motorboat, electric engines are manufactured by several different manufacturers, inter alia, Haswing, Motorguide, Zebco Rhino and Torqeedo. Electric motors are – of course – powered by battery because the energy required to power the boat must be stored prior to departure. Connected to the propeller, the battery uses the energy to turn the blades which in turn provides the drive to propel the vessel forwards.

The advances in technology mean that new and improved engine models are being produced to increase efficiency and speed. A surprising new trend is that paddle wheels are being added to electric boat models! The efficiency of the engine can be used by using a larger propeller, however these pose a risk in shallow waters as they can be too big and liable to be damaged when in contact with the seabed. An electric boat motor must work within a very low torque range, often achieved only with specially-built motors.

 These technological advances have also led to increased control over the speed of the vessel. As well as some models having specialised speed control equipment, engines can ensure the propellers drive the boat either forwards or backwards, giving good braking distances.

An electric motor should be purchase after considering the boat’s size, structure and weight. By assessing manufacturer specifications, it is possible to determine what thrust is needed to drive a vessel of a particular size. If you think an electric boat engine isn't for you, please view our selection of outboard engines and inboard engines, we promise you'll find something you need!

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