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Triple-Axle Trailers

A triple-axle trailer is a special type of boat trailer. It is mainly used to transport sports boats from the water to its dryland storage facility and vice versa. A triple-axle vehicle cannot be compared with a boat trolley, because a trolley serves to lower the boat into the water.
When purchasing a triple-axle trailer for sale, one should first consider whether to purchase or rent one. A good three-axle can cost several thousand euros, so if the trailer will rarely be used, it would be more cost-effective to rent one. 

When choosing a trailer, the model criteria must be observed carefully. In particular, the maximum load-bearing weight is very important. The boat should not outweigh or exceed the limit, because there would be a high chance of malfunction or damage to the axle and/or the boat. Additionally, the tensile load of the car should be taken into account, this can be found along with the car's registration details.
Another criteria to use when selecting a triple-axle trailer for sale is the total length of the vehicle when driving. The longer the vehicle, the harder it is to control when driving. By law, a boat trailer may only be a maximum of 2.55 meters wide and 4 meters high. Upon registering a triple-axle trailer, specialised green license plates will be assigned.
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