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Harbour Trailers

A harbour trailer is very much the same as a boat trailer. However, these particular trailers are not suitable for covering distances, they are used to transport boats to storage facilities for the winter seasons. The majority of harbour trailers are only allowed to be operated at a speed of 6 km/h. It is important to consider this - and the following - when buying a harbour trailer:
Special dispensation is required to transport the trailer over long distances, upon which it will be given permission to travel at 25 km/h. The harbour trailer must have the necessary brakes attached, dismountable lights and a drawbar with a removable support wheel. All of these must be checked and approved before usage on the public roads is allowed.
Many boat owners opt to build their own harbour trailers. This is not advisable because they are illegal to use on public roads. Self-made harbour trailers are usually only used for the storage and wintering of boats and - if necessary - can be grant short distance transportation. Partial closures of the route may have to be made. While looking to buy a boat trailer, the model criteria must be observed carefully. In particular, the maximum load-bearing weight is very important. The boat should not outweigh or exceed the maximum weight limit, because there could be a high chance of malfunction or damage to the trailer and/or the boat.

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