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Broad Gauges

A broad gauge is a special type of boat trailer. It is 'special' because it is broader - hence the name! The dimensions of the broad gauge often surpass the permitted width of 2.55 meters and therefore require special registration.
They do, however, have the same functions as a normal boat trailer. With all trailers, one should first consider whether to buy or rent a trailer, because buying a new broad gauge boat trailer can be very expensive. When using a broad gauge, one should take note of the maximum permissible weight. The boat to be transported must not exceed this size, otherwise permission may not granted to transport the boat and there will be a high chance of malfunction or damage to occur to the trailer and/or the boat.

It is not only the weight limit of the broad gauge trailers that should be noted, but also the car that will be used for transportation. All the relevant information can be found in the car's registration documents. Please note that a special licence is required to drive a broad gauge boat trailer. In order to obtain an operating licence, the maximum height of the boat should not exceed 4 metres. Attention should also be paid to the length of the broad gauge because the boat needs to fit!

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