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The marketplace has been online since 2001 and boasts very attractive advertising space with lots of users and visitors.

On average, receives 310,000 visitors and 3.00 million page impressions on a monthly basis.

With approximately 12,000 visitors a day, the demographic is mostly middle age, with strong spending power and interest in boats.

Advertising Possibilities with offers an attractive banner package with placements on the most frequently visited pages!

(wide) Skyscraper Banner (120 x 600 /160 x 600)

Homepage and all Subpages*

CPM Price: 15,90 €

The minimum volume is 100,000 PI per month.


Leaderboard (728 x 90px)

all search result pages on*

CPM Price: 17,90 €

The minimum volume is 100,000 PI per month.

Our advertising media: 

CPM Price: Placement:
(120 x 600 px)
15,90 € home page
and / or
search results
wide Skyscraper
(160 x 600 px)
15,90 €
(728 x 90 px)
17,90 € search results

*As well as the subpages on

Why Advertise on

See how beneficial it is to advertise on one of the market’s most popular and frequently visited websites! Don’t forget that the visitors to our website represent a demographic with high spending power. The particular interests of the customers include products in the range of boats, boat equipment, boat chartering and boat insurance.

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