Sell Boats as a Dealer on has a huge customer base. Thanks to intelligent and precise marketing techniques, our website receives over 12,000 visitors per day, the majority of whom is on the search for the perfect new or used boat.

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Provided Services

  • Cooperation Between and Axel Springer:
    Profit from our cooperation with Axel Springer and get your advertisement printed in the WELT am Sonntag newspapers. You may order image or text listings that will appear on Sundays (in WELT AM SONNTAG), appearing alongside well-informed editorial articles.
  • Convenient & Practical Database:
    Every customer is entitled to a personal username and password for their own private login area, where advertisements, prices and photos may be uploaded or edited at any time. Up to ten photos and two A4 pages of descriptions may be published.
  • Upload Photos Free of Charge:
    Every listing has a main picture that features in the search results, as well as the opportunity to upload ten further pictures.
  • Your own Dealer Webpage:
    Your dealer page provides links to your boats advertised on, as well as directions and a photo of your company!
  • Embed your Listings:
    We will happily embed an advertisement on your website that will clearly and proudly present all of the boats that you have advertised on the database.
  • Free of Charge Statistics Service:
    If requested, we will gladly send a free weekly overview of all of the views and enquiries your boats have received.
  • One Month Free Trial:
    List your boat for one month on, completely free of charge, to test our strong customer base!
  • Free Data Transfer via an XML-Interface:
    Are your boats listed on a database or on a different martketplace? We will happily import boat specifications cost-free using the OpenMarine Database.
  • Top-Class Service WITHOUT Long Contract Periods:
    Our contracts can be terminated at the end of every billing period. Invoices are sent at the beginning of every quarter and can be paid by credit card, international bank transfer, or through money transfer services such as PayPal.
  • Powerful Online Presence: was founded in 2001 in Barcelona, Spain and is a firmly established brand within the online boat marketplace.

Conditions and Prices

Dealers and manufacturers can take advantage of the following favourable quantity prices. Payment is charged in advance for the following quarter and can be paid by credit card, by international bank transfer or through a money transfer service such as PayPal.

The amount is in accordance with the average number of boats presented online.

The overall charge is ascertained by recording the number of boats advertised on a day-to-day basis. On the first day of the following quarter, the daily sum of listings presented online is worked out and divided by the number of days in the respective calendar month.
The end result is rounded up or down, if it does not correspond to an exact number, and billed according to the following prices:

Average Number of Boats per Month Net Price / Month Per Boat/Month
Price in £
From 1 to 3 objects 7.62 £ 2.54 £
From 4 to 8 objects 15.23 £ 1.90 £
From 9 to 20 objects 24.54 £ 1.23 £
From 21 to 40 objects 38.08 £ 0.96 £
From 41 to 60 objects 50.78 £ 0.85 £
From 61 to 80 objects 63.47 £ 0.80 £
From 81 to 100 objects 75.32 £ 0.75 £
From 101 to 140 objects 83.78 £ 0.60 £
From 141 to 180 objects 92.24 £ 0.52 £
From 181 to 220 objects 101.55 £ 0.47 £
From 221 to 300 objects 105.79 £ 0.36 £
From 301 to 400 objects 110.02 £ 0.28 £
From 401 to 600 objects 113.40 £ 0.19 £
From 601 to ∞ objects On Request


If you were to register on the 14th of a given month and list 36 boats on the 15th, on the 1st day of the following month we will work out that the average number of boats listed in the preceding month was 18.

This number of 18 boats falls in the 9-20 category. Therefore, you will receive your monthly invoice (via E-Mail) for the amount of €29.00. In the following month, if you still have 36 boats listed, your invoice will amount to €45.00.

Berths, trailers and other equipment are treated as boats and can also be listed.

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 Any Questions?

Please do not hesitate to send us an E-Mail to or call us on 0049 (0) 40 244 249-27.

Additional Packages

The duration of packages is unlimited and every package includes 10 images!

0,00 €
Standard listing on
15.97 €
Image and listing enlargement.
Statistically likely to receive twice as many enquiries.
24.37 €
Image enlargement, listing highlighted in colour, 21 days as the top listing in a chosen category.
Statistically likely to receive five times as many enquiries on
Premium Text:
66.39 €
Image enlargement, listing highlighted in colour, 28 days as the top listing in a chosen category.
One-off newspaper listing (in WELT AM SONNTAG).
Statistically likely to receive twelve times as many enquiries on
Premium Image:
192.44 €
Image enlargement, listing highlighted in colour, 60 days as the top listing in a chosen category.
There will also be a unique advertisement with picture in the WELT am Sonntag newspaper.